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Welcome to City & Suburban Waste, your premier partner in sustainable waste management solutions in Tolworth. Our mission is clear and focused: to deliver efficient, environmentally-friendly waste management services, perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of our diverse community. 

We cater to homeowners, businesses, and industrial clients with equal dedication and professionalism. Our approach is not just about waste disposal; it’s about creating a sustainable future for Tolworth. By choosing us, you’re choosing a partner committed to making a significant, positive impact on our local environment.

Our Services

At City & Suburban Waste, we offer a wide-ranging suite of services covering every facet of waste management, designed to meet the varied needs of the Tolworth community. Our offerings include:

Residential Waste Collection

We provide regular and reliable residential waste collection services. Our teams are trained to handle your household waste with care, ensuring timely and efficient pick-up. We understand the importance of keeping your home and neighbourhood clean, which is why we offer flexible schedules that work around your lifestyle.

Tailored Commercial Waste Solutions

For businesses, we offer customised commercial waste solutions. Whether you run a small retail shop, a bustling restaurant, or a large corporate office, we understand that each business has unique waste management needs. Our team works closely with you to develop a waste management plan that minimises environmental impact and maximises efficiency.

Advanced Industrial Waste Handling

Our industrial waste management services cater to larger-scale waste needs. We handle complex and bulky waste generated by industries, using advanced techniques and equipment. Our goal is to ensure that industrial waste is managed in a way that is both environmentally responsible and compliant with all safety standards.

Top-Tier Recycling Services

Our recycling services are a cornerstone of our commitment to the environment. We go beyond just collecting recyclables; we work to ensure that the materials we collect are processed and repurposed effectively. This approach not only reduces landfill usage but also contributes to the circular economy, turning waste into valuable resources.

Handling of Special and Hazardous Waste

We specialise in the handling of special and hazardous types of waste. This includes materials that require special treatment due to their potential harm to the environment or human health, such as chemicals, electronic waste, and medical waste. Our team is highly trained and equipped with the necessary tools to manage these materials safely and in compliance with the strictest industry and regulatory standards.

By offering these comprehensive services, City & Suburban Waste stands at the forefront of waste management in Tolworth, delivering solutions that are both effective and environmentally conscious. We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your waste management needs is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Why Choose Us?

City & Suburban Waste stands out as a leader in waste management, not just in Tolworth but in the waste management industry as a whole. Our certification and commitment to the highest standards of service set us apart. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals dedicated to efficient and sustainable waste management practices. 

The satisfaction and positive feedback from our clients in Tolworth are testaments to our success and commitment. They have seen the tangible benefits of our services, and their stories are a source of pride and motivation for our team.

Sustainable Practices and Community Impact

Sustainability isn’t just a part of our business model; it’s our ethos. We are continually seeking new ways to innovate and reduce the environmental impact of waste management. 

Our commitment goes beyond the boundaries of waste handling – we are actively engaged in various community initiatives and environmental projects around Tolworth. These efforts are aimed at fostering a greater understanding of sustainable practices and making a real difference in the community’s approach to waste.

Educational Section: Understanding Waste Management

Effective waste management is vital for the health of our planet. In this educational section, we aim to share crucial insights into the world of waste management. Here, you’ll learn about the critical role of recycling, the intricate processes involved in handling different types of waste, and practical tips for effective waste segregation in your homes and businesses. Our goal is to empower every resident and business in Tolworth to take an active and informed role in waste management, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Contact, FAQs, and Call to Action

Do you have any questions or need more information about our services? Please explore our comprehensive FAQ section or contact us directly for personalized assistance. Our team is eager to provide you with a free consultation and guide you to the best waste management solutions tailored to your specific needs. Reach out to us today to embark on your journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable Tolworth.

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Lou CooperLou Cooper
10:08 31 Aug 22
The team at City and Suburban are great - we have been using them for the last year for our office waste service. Not only are they professional, helpful and responsive, they also help us do our bit for the environment by diverting waste from landfill.Would wholeheartedly recommend!
Heather ParsonsHeather Parsons
12:38 12 Oct 21
We have used this company for weekly general waste and dry recycling form our offices for a year now, they are very professional, good value, great service the office and operation teams are polite and always helpful, if you are looking for waste removal service I would recommend you give them a try.
Luna SteinLuna Stein
13:16 27 May 21
We have received an excellent service from city and suburban. By far they have been the best waste collection service we had used in the 23 years of business, I cant recommend them highly enough!
Rebecca CuttsRebecca Cutts
11:41 21 May 21
My landlord recommend these guy's as he has used them for 5 years for weekly waste removal. I shopped around for quotes And spoke to various companies. This company offered the most competitive rates and were by far the friendliest and most professional I have spoken to. They have been collecting waste for my landlords business Without any issues for 5 years and I was surprised at how efficient they were when I started using them. I would highly recommend them for any of their services. I deal with Andy and he always goes above and beyond to support my business needs. Great company 👍
Philip GnanaPhilip Gnana
07:15 30 Mar 21
D P Medical Systems Ltd (Chessingon, Surrey) have recently setup an account. Their account manager Andrew Brett has provided us exception service. The waste removal (recyclable items) have been collected as promissed. Extra collections at short notice? No problem. Highly recommend this company.